Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Dangling, Jingling and Tinkling

Off we went on the subway out to Louise's sister Ruth's place.  I noticed on the train ride that Louise attracted a lot of looks from the other passengers.  She has a very commanding presence.  She has long reddish hair that is past her shoulders and with all of her jewelry dangling, jingling and tinkling people are bound to notice her.  She wears worn out jeans, peasant blouses and sneakers and then their is the make up.  Her philosophy on make up seems to be that more is better.  Her eyelids are the color of a robin's egg and she wears a ton of mascara.  The lipstick is usually a deep shade of red and her nails are always painted another shade of red.  She has a very large bosom that she has remarked has served her well over the years.  She's a talkative woman and enjoys talking about her husbands and did on the train ride, all four of them deceased.  Her favorite was Sam's father who she said that she met while she was modeling in the 50's.  She was doing a spread for Vogue magazine and he was the photographer, after the shoot he took her for a drink and she said that he swept her off of her feet and that's the night her boy, Sam, was conceived.  They were married three months later.  Unfortunately the romance ended when "Husband number 1," was in a bar room brawl and was hit across the head with a bottle of scotch.  It hit him right across the temple and he only lasted a couple of days in a coma and then he was gone.  They'd been married two years at the time of his death.  Louise said that he was a lot of trouble but that he was worth it because, "Oh boy, did he know how to make me feel like a woman!"   She said that the louse that killed him only got 15 years. When I looked around I could see the other passengers were spellbound by her stories.
Ruth lives in a big old fashioned apartment building on Mermaid Avenue, isn't that a beautiful name for a street?  When we finally arrived at her door we stood ten minutes buzzing the bell before Ruth appeared.  She has  coiffed red  hair, like Louise's only a bit darker and no white roots,  and the same red lipstick  and red nails.  The second she opened the door there was a loud shriek by the two sisters, "Sweetheart,"  and they embraced.  The next few minutes they were busy chatting loudly, screaming, laughing and comparing notes.  The whole time  Ruth  glanced between the two of us and smiled at me profusely.  When they finally settled down Ruth looked at me and said so you're, "Gracie, you saved our Sam."  That's me Gracie, I suppose.  For the next couple of hours Ruth entertained us with a trunk full of pictures from the old days.  The two of them were laughing and crying as they explained each one to me.  Louise was a beauty and so was Ruth and amazingly so was Sam as a boy.  What happened?  There were so many pictures of Louise with her mother who must have weighed about 400 pounds.  She was always sitting and Louise would pose somewhere near her, either on the arm of the chair or behind her.  The difference in their sizes was striking.  Louise had a beautiful curvy shape and wore glamorous clothing.  She could have been a Lauren Becall look alike.  Her mother sat in the same position in every shot and had the same sad look on her face and the same plain dress on.  The Louise from the photos didn't seem to notice that because she herself always had a large smile showing off her perfect teeth.  Ruth and Louise said that, "Mama was so much fun,"  it didn't look that way to me but they know best.
Louise broke out a bottle of vodka and said, "Gracie Honey you take a walk around Coney Island while Ruth does my hair and we'll see you later."  So off I went to explore Coney Island.

I've got to go... But just want to give a quick update.  Louise is back visiting Sam, he seems to be doing better.  No job yet but I had my phone put in today and that's really it for now.  I'll be back soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What great stories you've got here! I just want to say, though, that that light blue text is way too hard on the eyes. I wouldn't recommend using that anymore.

Can't wait to find out what happens next...


7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know what's wrong with Sam. Where did Grace come to Brooklyn from?


8:02 PM  
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Thank you so much for the comments they are really appreciated!!

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i am fascinated by ur nice portrait
got to go...

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Blogger got to go... said...

Thank you.

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