Sunday, July 11, 2004

I'm Outta Here

I slammed the screen door behind me last week and ya know what? I'm out of there.
And now I'm here. Wow. Finally alone in my own place.
I'm Grace and I just got my first real break. My mom left me $5000 and it just came through, finally. The first thing I did was call Greyhound and made a reservation and the next thing was to pack. I left a lot of stuff back there, they can have it.
I got to Brooklyn last week and found a nice hotel to stay in till I found this place. It's expensive and small but who cares? I've got the money now. I'll make it. The apartment is great it's a couple of blocks from a park and a museum. I love it! Tomorrow I'm going to find a Jennifer's Convertibles and get myself one.
I don't know anyone here yet so I'll just make this my place to share my adventures.
I think when I get to the sofa store I'll see if they need any help there.


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