Monday, July 19, 2004

no visitors

What a Weekend!  Methodist Hospital has banned Louise from visiting Sam.  I don't really blame them because it seems that whenever Louise visited, Sam's condition worstened.  I'm sure that the nurse's are relieved since Louise was constantly bothering them about something or other.  Friday evening they had to get the security guards to physically remove her.  It couldn't have been fun separating her from her boy.  Who will bring him his gin?  Poor Sam. It seems she was sneaking him in a pint or two every visit.  She was so upset when she came to my door that evening.  She asked me to come back to the hospital with her right away but I was able to calm her down with promises that I'd go with her in the morning.
The following morning we went there first thing but there was nothing that they would do.  They said that it was the doctor's orders that sam have no visitors until his condition showed some improvement and that Louise could speak to the social worker or doctor but that neither would be available until Monday morning.  Louise tried a couple of different approaches, crying, shouting and pleading but nothing worked.  The security guard was called and we were unceremoniously shown the door.  I could see that Louise wasn't finished so I tried to convince her to relax and that it was in Sam's best interest.  After a few minutes she caved in.  She said that Sam needed his rest and maybe it was best that she didn't visit for a couple of days (like it was her own idea.) 
When I suggested going back home she said no that we (like in the two of us) were going to visit her sister Ruth in Coney Island.  She hadn't seen Ruth in quite some time and she really needed her hair done, with that she pulled her hat off exposing 5 inches of white roots, "See what I mean Gracie, Honey?"   And that was the beginning of one of the craziest and most interesting weekends that I've ever had.   I'm in love with Coney Island now and strangely enough the more I'm with Louise the fonder I grow of her.  She is so complex and really a very lovely person.  I consider myself lucky to have met  her.  More later...


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