Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I think I'll call him sometime

Last night I had a great time. I went over to 7th Avenue and wound up stopping into Starbucks for a cappucino. While I was sitting there an attractive gray haired man looked up from his laptop and said, "Hello." I got this funny feeling in my stomach, it kind of flipped a little. I said hello back and he came over and sat down next to me. We wound up talking for hours and he asked me to come along with him for some dinner. I said sure and we went a couple of blocks over to a gorgeous Italian restaurant. I think he must've dropped a couple of hundred dollars, we both had lobster and he ordered a bottle of French white wine. I thought I was dreaming. His name is William, (not Bill, Billy or Will, thankfully.) He's an executive at IBM and he was just recently divorced. He said that he was new to Brooklyn too and that his X got the house in Westport. He talked a lot about his life. He's so interesting. He had been raised by his maternal grandmother on a farm in New Jersey after his parents divorced. He loved the farm and his grandmother but missed his parents and saw little of them after the divorce. He was five years old when he had gone to live with her and it was only the two of them and the workers. He said that she was always singing around the house and called him her, "little man." She told him that one day, when he grew up that he would be a very important lawyer. He laughed when he told me that and said that that was only one of the things that she'd gotten wrong.
After dinner he said that he'd take me home but I thought that it might be better if I walked home alone. He asked for my number but I had to say no since I haven't had the phone put in yet. He had this doubtful look in his eyes and said, "C'mon Grace, I've got to see you again." I told him that I definitely wanted to see him again and that I'd call him, so he gave me his card and said that he'd be waiting to hear from me. He kissed my forehead and said, "Goodnight, sweet Grace," and my stomach did another flip. When I was walking home I had this dreamy feeling. Is this really happening? I think I'll call him sometime but he is a lot older than I am. I guess he must be around 40 or so. I never met someone like him back home. Goodnight, sweet William.
When I got home I found Louise in the hall banging on her door. It seems that she and Sam had had an argument and he wouldn't let her back in. She said that Sam does this now and then when he's in one of his moods. So, I found myself, again, sitting on my floor listening to Louise's stories of her girlhood in Coney Island. Great!


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